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  • 30
  • 2017
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E.Day is the result of the association of a strong media Lagardère, a prestigious university Paris-Dauphine and the Connecting Leaders Club, renowned for its high-level network.

Hervé GATTEGNO Director of the "Journal du Dimanche" Watch the video

What if, at last, Europe had the leaders it deserves? Leaders who would take their principles of pragmatism, solidarity, mutual understanding, openness and benevolence straightaway into the cold and distant halls of European technocracy.

It is too early to send Macron to the builders’ pantheon, but he, a staunch supporter of a united Europe, is betting his future re-election on the success of a dubious and peril-ridden undertaking to recast the EU from stem to stern and newly burnish the shield of its diplomacy in a world that is decidedly unstable and hazy. [ see more ]

To the West, we have Trump’s contempt, to the East, Putin’s “one-man democracy”, and to the South, Erdogan’s triumphal Turkey, not to mention the various alliances that form and are torn apart in Asia or the Middle East. Meanwhile, Europe entertains the most lofty promises possible. Although damaged by the recent series of crises, the European Union must not cede an inch of its status as the foremost world economic power.

It must doubtless constantly re-evaluate its basic values, adjust its verbose guidelines to economic reality, invest in the sprouting new fields of knowledge, bet on the innovativeness of its companies, invent new mechanisms for mutual assistance between European countries, re-inspire youth tempted by populism, and combat the social dumping that undermines it from within.

And, in the course of this unmanageable enterprise, Jupiter will have to count on his Juno: Germany. Not as the loving sister of mythology, but rather as an obligated and demanding partner. The opportunity for recovery is within our reach...and we must seize it now! [ reduce text ]

Valérie HOFFENBERG President of Connecting Leaders Club Watch the video

Make Europe Great Again is the title of this second edition of the E.Day, as a reference to both French and American Presidents, in order to shed light on Europe’s challenges and opportunities.

French President Emmanuel Macron's speech in front of the Congress gathered at Versailles recalled the importance to bind with the spirit of the founding fathers to create a new desire for Europe. [ see more ]

Business leaders are at the core of a new challenge to generate growth, tackle climate and financial challenges, support innovation and create jobs.

E.Day 2017 aims to gather key economic and political actors to exchange on the main European challenges, trigger new ambitions and support concrete projects.

The European Business Day is at the same time a high level B2B conference that aims to create a platform between companies and European institutions as well as an educational event to recall the general public the importance of Europe.

As the biggest player on the global trading scene, how to make Europe an asset for European companies ?

How to win the battle of innovation and attract talents ?

A full day of debates, meetings and networking between the economic and political leaders, regions and students to build the Europe of tomorrow.

This event will also be an opportunity to pay tribute to Simone Veil, one of Europe’s most emblematic figures. [ reduce text ]

Why logo du E.Day ?

E.Day will assemble leading policy makers, business leaders, scholars, students and experts to assess and tackle European challenges. French President Emmanuel Macron recalled the importance to bind with the spirit of the founding fathers. Companies are at the core of this new challenge to generate growth and create jobs.

Energy, climate and digital transitions, monetary and fiscal union, security, health, infrastructures and mobility… How to make Europe an asset for European companies? How to win the battle of innovation and attract talents?

In panel discussions, keynotes, fire talks and high-level networking, E.DAY addresses a wide range of issues :

  • Population ageing : how Europe faces demographic change ?

  • Reaccelerating in the European Union.

  • The new challenges of infrastructure and mobility in Europe.

  • Feeding Europe ? When foodtech disrupts agriculture and distribution.

  • Energy and climate : Europe on the front line.

  • Security and cybersecurity : How to protect citizens and companies ?

  • UE tech companies : how to attract investments and talents ?

  • The renewed French-German partnership.


Regions have become key players in the European economic growth. This year, we will give them an opportunity to prove their know-how and attractiveness to major French Key Accounts. Throughout the day, masterclass will be held in the amphitheater Raymond Aron.

Keynotes will be followed by a Q&A session.

Pre-registration required.


E.Day is a hub of high-level politicians, intellectuals and CEO. Here is a preview of the first confirmed speakers. Stay tuned, more to come on September.

Philippe Aghion Economist
Le Birgit ensemble Directors
Christophe Bonduelle Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bonduelle
Stéphane Boujnah CEO and Chairman of the Managing Board of Euronext
François Brottes CEO, RTE
Anne Hidalgo Mayor of Paris
Julian King European Commissioner for the Security Union
Cédric Klapisch Director
Gaspard Koenig Philosoph
Christiane Lambert Chairman of the FNSEA
David Layani Onepoint’s Founder and President
Bruno Le Maire Minister for the Economy
Nathalie Loiseau Minister for european affairs
Mounir Mahjoubi Secretary of State in charge of Digital Affairs
Pierre Nanterme Chairman and CEO, Accenture
Christian Nibourel Accenture France & Benelux
Philippe Oddo Managing Partner and Member of the Management Board at Oddo & Cie
Jean Raby Chief Executive Officer of Natixis Global Asset Management
Pascal Roché CEO of Ramsay Générale de Santé

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Paris-Dauphine University

The venue

A meaningful venue

What better possible venue for inventing a new European project than this 50-year-old French business school, renowned for its excellence and openness to Europe and the world.

Located in the fancy north-western area of Paris, the Paris Dauphine University was built in the former NATO headquarters.

The great auditorium and the multiple conference rooms are perfectly suited for the keynotes, debates and networking sessions that will take place during the E.Day.

Paris-Dauphine University’s website

How to get there ?

  • Bus : Lign PC1 / Station Porte Dauphine
  • Metro : Lign 2 / Station Porte Dauphine
  • Drive : Parking Place Victor Hugo


November 30th, 2017

8.00am – 6.45pm Paris-Dauphine University

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